Wednesday, 16 October 2013

La Florista - Veronica Lopez

Few people have had a story like Veronica, she has suffered great loss in her personal life at such a young age, but she's dusted herself off & re-trained as a florist. Veronica has come out the other end with a fantastic little business to provide for her two young children. A sunny little boutique called
"La Florista".

After losing her husband to cancer Veronica had to give up her career as a flight attendant and focus on her second career floristry in order to be at home in the evenings for her children.

Veronica has trained with some of Sydney's best florists and has now decided to go it alone and open her own boutique,La Florista on Rothschild Avenue Rosebery is getting ready for it's grand opening in the next few days and Veronica is busy sourcing and filling her beautiful little boutique with gorgeous gifts, candles and homewares.

Over the following weeks she'll have her online store open for business and her gorgeous flowers on offer. It's well worth a visit, and I was lucky enough to be chosen to shoot some of the gorgeous bits that will be for sale on her site, the studio smelt amazing with all the soaps, balms &  drawer sachets here.

I wanted to share her story and some of the shots and encourage everyone to shop local and support these small Aussie business' as everyone of them has a family story.

Brandee  xxxx