Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Gypsy Makeup shoot

It's been ages since my last blog, I've been pretty run off my feet and my assistant has moved on, so I'm going solo for a while which makes it a bit hectic, but I'm happiest when I'm busy so that's a good thing.

I was speaking to a friend of mine who said her daughter was moving to Sydney to go to University. Brijahn is a stunning young woman, so I asked her mum if she thought she might be interested in doing some modeling test shots to start to build a portfolio.

We scheduled a basic shoot in the studio for an hour or so, just to get used to the whole process. The initial test shots were done in my studio with available light and a minimum of fuss. Brijahn was just so natural and comfortable with the whole process, never breaking gaze with the camera which shows a great maturity.

After the sucess of the first shoot, we talked about doing a subsequent shoot to build up some more shots for her portfolio. This time I arranged Hair, Makeup and wardrobe for a gypsy look that I thought she would carry off perfectly.

We also shot a timelapse movie of makeup application, which looks fantastic (see below)

I just love the outcome, and I've already had a client book her for a paid modeling job next week.

Brandee xx

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